An image of a Velop Pro 7 three-pack arranged with one in front and two behind.
The Velop Pro 7 3-pack. | Image: Linksys

Linksys has released the Velop Pro 7, its newest Wi-Fi 7 mesh router, which it says is so smart, it can fix itself — and it’s convinced enough of this that it plans to phase out its router management app. Like the Velops before it, you can buy Linksys’ new kit one at a time or in two- or- three-pack configurations. The router costs $399.99 for one, $749.99 for two, or $999.99 for three.

This is usually where I would tell you about the specs. But first, we need to talk about the app thing. While briefing me on its new routers, Linksys said its customers have overwhelmingly told it that they just don’t like needing to use an app to manage their network, so it’s looking to phase it out. It won’t happen immediately, but that’s the goal….

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Source: The Verge
Author: Wes Davis

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