An illustration depicting a series of cursors being blocked from hitting a laptop by a lengthy bill.
Illustration by Hugo Herrera for The Verge

The UK’s Online Safety Bill, a wide-ranging piece of legislation that aims to make the country “the safest place in the world to be onlinereceived royal assent today and became law. The bill has been years in the making and attempts to introduce new obligations for how tech firms should design, operate, and moderate their platforms. Specific harms the bill aims to address include underage access to online pornography, “anonymous trolls,” scam ads, the nonconsensual sharing of intimate deepfakes, and the spread of child sexual abuse material and terrorism-related content.

Although it’s now law, online platforms will not need to immediately comply with all of their duties under the bill, which is now known as the Online Safety Act. UK…

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Source: The Verge
Author: Jon Porter

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