Tim Cook being illuminated by huge studio lights
There’s a reason the event footage looked as good as it did, and that’s likely down to the fancy equipment used alongside the iPhone 15 Pro Max. | Image: Apple via Halideapp

Behind-the-scenes footage of Apple’s Monday evening Scary Fast event reveals how it was filmed using an iPhone 15 Pro Max… with the aid of a full suite of professional recording equipment and studio lighting. Still images and a video reveal that (unsurprisingly) a great deal of fancy equipment — from drones, gimbals, dollies, industrial set lighting, and other recording accessories — is still required to make iPhone footage look this good.

Apple has utilized similar but far less extreme setups for previous events that were filmed using iPhones, including the Burberry spring / summer 2014 fashion show. It’s a neat way to promote the recording quality of iPhone cameras, but it’s not like everyday folks can recreate these kinds of results…

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Source: The Verge
Author: Jess Weatherbed

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