Most smartphones have pretty good cameras inside them, but only a select few have XMAGE technology too – and when it comes to smartphone photography, XMAGE is close to magic. It’s a superb combination of cutting-edge smartphone technology, next-generation software and camera expertise, and it delivers truly exceptional results. If you want to take the most vivid, beautiful and colourful photos with the minimum of fuss, XMAGE is your perfect photography partner.

You’ll find the latest version of XMAGE technology in three of Huawei’s flagship phones: the Huawei P60 Series, the Huawei Mate X3 and the Huawei Mate 50 series. All three provide cutting-edge XMAGE technology to ensure that your phone perfectly captures the image you see in your mind’s eye.

So what is XMAGE, and how does it create such stunning photos?

What is XMAGE?

Huawei XMAGE is a unique mobile photography technology system that combines camera optics, mechanical engineering, imaging technology and image processing to deliver an extraordinary, unique and joyful mobile photography experience.

XMAGE delivers a new level of colour accuracy thanks to XMAGE’s comprehensive collaboration between software and hardware, including full colour XD Fusion collaboration. It’s particularly good at capturing detail even in complex lighting conditions.

It’s so good that it’s clearly, ahem, inspired some competitors too.

Huawei dragon cloud image

(Image credit: Domcar Calinawan Lagto)

How does XMAGE work?

To produce amazing photos, you need to begin with incredibly accurate images. XMAGE achieves that through a combination of precision optical and mechanical engineering, high-spec image processing and the very latest in imaging technology. Together they ensure that your camera captures the maximum amount of light and detail to deliver exceptional results. 

One of our favourite things about XMAGE is that it does all the work for you. Its presets, designed in association with the Tsinghua Art & Science Colour & Imaging Institute, are designed to use all XMAGE’s photo power in the easiest possible way. You can use the Original preset to capture flowers and other small objects where detail is paramount; vivid for stronger, higher contrast scenes such as sunsets or blue sky days; and Bright for portraits that really pop. 

No matter what you want to capture, XMAGE ensures that the results are picture perfect and that you can always find the right colour pattern for each shooting scenario. Simply tell XMAGE what you want to shoot and it’ll automatically identify the best imaging settings to capture what you’ve seen with your photographic eye.

Huawei image: 1, 2, 3, Start

(Image credit: Piotr Cebula)

The art and science of stunning shots

Huawei has brought together brilliant minds from around the world to work on its imaging technology. Its image colour research team gathered experts from seven different Huawei research centres worldwide including from China, Finland and Japan, and their areas of expertise over eight different research fields including art, psychology, optics and colour science. That means Huawei’s colour technology isn’t just a technological triumph. It’s also embodies photographers’ artistic and cultural visions too.

The results speak for themselves. Whether you’re shooting stunning seaside sunsets, capturing perfect portraits or getting up close with insects to take macro shots, the images XMAGE produces are extraordinarily bright, vivid and detailed without ever looking processed. 

This photo, shared by Huawei CEO Richard Yu from his Huawei P60 Pro, is a great example of the tech in action: it’s a night shot of an illuminated tower with the moon behind it, and every part of the image is captured perfectly. If you’ve ever tried to shoot the moon you’ll know it’s really tricky to photograph and often becomes a blurry white mess, but here it’s just as you see it with your own eye – and the tower in the foreground is just as sharp, with its rainbow hues and white spotlights just as vivid. It’d be an incredible image from any camera, but for a smartphone it’s spectacular. 

See your photos at their very best

Another really important part of Huawei’s technology is in the displays of its flagship phones, because they’re designed to deliver pro-spec image quality so you can see even the finest detail of your shots. 

The True-Chroma Image Engine of the P50 Series can deliver true-to-life photos, with complete software and hardware cooperation and P3-level calibration of 2000+ colours. The HUAWEI XD Fusion Pro’s bold-new texture engine on the P60 Series precisely reproduces the details of objects, so what you see is what you’ll get. 

That extraordinary True-Chrome Display, and the Huawei X-True Display of the Huawei P60 and Mate X3, rival the colour accuracy of professional photographers’ desktop monitors. They deliver incredible accuracy that’s with you wherever you and your phone may roam – so you don’t need to wait until you’re back in front of your PC to select your best shots and see them at their very best.

Whether you’re a serious photographer or a happy hobbyist, XMAGE delivers incredible photographic power that delivers incredible results with incredible ease of use. Click here to discover how XMAGE can help you become an even better photographer.


Huawei has now proudly announced HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2023 winners, selected from more than a whopping 600,000 entries. Some of these winners are featured in this article – and it is safe to say they are STUNNING. The XMAGE Awards has come a long way since its launch in 2017, inspiring countless individuals to pick up their phones and take magnificent photos that give people a glimpse into their world, and unleashing “the power of image” through mobile photography.

Check out all of this year’s winners here:

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