GitHub has announced a new generative AI tool designed to help larger organizations boost efficiency while coding.

Copilot Enterprise will combine all of GitHub’s Copilot offerings into one simple package while adding an extra layer of personalization to improve output even more.

With the new tool, enterprises will be able to pull in context from their entire codebase to get more personalized suggestions from the AI helper.

GitHub puts all of its Copilot into one neat package

According to the Microsoft-owned platform, early versions of GitHub Copilot were already making developers 55% faster, and the usefulness of that tool only extended to autocompleting lines of code.

The company found that many developers typically only code for two hours per day, with the rest of their working hours being spent doing administrative and remedial work.

GitHub summarizes in its announcement: “Copilot Enterprise allows your teams of developers to quickly get up to speed on your codebase, search through and build documentation, get suggestions based on internal and private code, and quickly review pull requests.”

GitHub Enterprise is currently in preview, however the company promises to have a generally available service ready by February 2024. It will cost $39 per user per month, which is double the $19 per month that Copilot Business users must pay.

The news came as part of a wider announcement made at the company’s Universe 2023 event, which included confirmation that GitHub Copilot Chat would become generally available in December 2023.

Copilot Chat will be available as part of organizations’ and individuals’ existing Copilot subscriptions and is powered by GPT-4. The company also confirmed that Copilot Chat will be coming to and its mobile app.

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