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Black Friday pizza oven deals

Best high-end pizza oven deal

Breville Smart Oven Pizzaiolo Pizza Oven

$799.95 at Amazon
(save $200)

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Best pizza oven under $500

Roccbox Pizza Oven by Gozney

$399 at Amazon
(save $100)

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A few years ago, those cheap electric “hoverboards” were dominating holiday gift guides. Then it was massage guns. Now, pizza ovens are the must-have “it” gift of the year, and we’re not mad about it. In fact, we’re loving the bougie pizza oven trend, because who couldn’t use more pizza in their lives? That’s a rhetorical question.

There is one downside to all these new pizza ovens: The best indoor and outdoor pizza ovens are really expensive. From Oprah-approved brands like Ooni to more familiar brands like Cuisinart and Breville, some popular pizza ovens cost $1,000 or more. And that’s exactly why we’re so excited about Black Friday pizza oven deals. We’ve been hard at work collecting all of the year’s top Black Friday sales for Mashable readers — deals on robot vacuums, discounts on new TVs, exclusive invite-only deals for Prime members, and now pizza ovens.

We’ve been watching our favorite pizza ovens closely for price drops, and we have good news and bad news. The good news: as we approach Black Friday, you can find big $200 discounts on popular pizza ovens from top brands. The bad news? Some of our favorite outdoor pizza ovens haven’t gone on sale yet. Sadly, that includes most Ooni ovens, which are the pinnacle of pizza party perfection.

Keep checking back as we find new Black Friday deals on pizza ovens and add them here. And if you want to save some cash on one of the year’s most popular Christmas gift ideas, then check out the selection of savings below. To make life easier, we’re splitting these discounted ovens into high-end picks ($500 and above) and more affordable pizza ovens.

The best Black Friday deals on high-end pizza ovens

Why we like it

We recently tested the top pizza ovens of the year, and we named this Breville the best of the best. Most new pizza ovens are designed for outdoor use, but there are a handful of new indoor pizza ovens that make it even easier to host a pizza night. Even though this is a countertop pizza oven, it can still reach blisteringly high temperatures of 750 degrees. That means you can cook pizzas faster than in a traditional oven, but also that they’ll be more like the wood-fired pizzas you’d find at a restaurant.

More deals on high-end pizza ovens:

More Black Friday deals on pizza ovens

Why we like it

Like the Breville oven featured above, this outdoor pizza oven is Mashable tested and approved. You can cook pizzas in this oven using either propane or wood pellets, and it can reach temperatures as high as 950 degrees. And unlike some popular pizza ovens, you don’t have to blast your budget to smithereens just to cook homemade pizzas in the backyard. Outdoor pizza ovens are a great gift for dads or the whole family, and this truly is one of the best.

More Black Friday deals on pizza ovens

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