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Healthcare startups scramble to assess fallout after Postmeds data breach hits millions of patients

More than two million people across the United States will receive notice that their personal and sensitive health information was stolen earlier this year during a cyberattack at Postmeds, the parent company of online pharmacy startup Truepill. For some of those affected, it’s the first they’re hearing of Postmeds, let alone that the company lost…

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Cybersecurity investor Ballistic Ventures seeks $300M for new fund

Ballistic Ventures, a venture capital firm dedicated to funding and incubating cybersecurity startups, is looking to raise as much as $300 million for a new fund, according to a regulatory filing. The San Francisco-based VC firm Wednesday filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission to raise $300 million for its second fund — over…

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US Congress Report Calls for Privacy Reforms After FBI Surveillance ‘Abuses’

A new report by an oversight committee in the US House of Representatives says the FBI has routinely violated rules governing FISA’s Section 702 surveillance program and must be reined in. Visit Site Source: Wired Author: Dell Cameron

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Children’s tablet has malware and exposes kids’ data, researcher finds

In May this year, Alexis Hancock’s daughter got a children’s tablet for her birthday. Being a security researcher, Hancock was immediately worried. “I looked at it kind of sideways because I’ve never heard of Dragon Touch,” Hancock told TechCrunch, referring to the tablet’s maker. As it turned out, Hancock, who works at the Electronic Frontier…

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Samsung says hackers accessed customer data during year-long breach

Samsung has admitted that hackers accessed the personal data of U.K.-based customers during a year-long breach of its systems. In a statement to TechCrunch, Samsung spokesperson Chelsea Simpson, representing the company via a third-party agency, said Samsung was “recently alerted to a security incident” that “resulted in certain contact information of some Samsung U.K. e-store…

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A Spy Agency Leaked People’s Data Online—Then the Data Was Stolen

The National Telecommunication Monitoring Center in Bangladesh exposed a database to the open web. The types of data leaked online are extensive. Visit Site Source: Wired Author: Matt Burgess