Top Small Business Website Design & Development with 5 new premium features

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The basic small business website design and development plan offers Basic WordPress design, landing page up to 5 sections + 5 pages. Other features are, seo, caching, and 3 error fixes. Get professional website design services at affordable cost.

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Website Design Services

We provide top small business website design & Development with 5 new premium features to individuals and businesses that have purchased their domains and hosting services outside of us. We are professional web designers, providing WordPress web design as well as web design portfolio. Our website design services covers small business website design, responsive web design and web page design. We provide you bespoke website layout design.

Small businesses often have a tight budget but irrespective of your budgets, we have developed a budget friendly module to help your build an online presence to suit your brands. Build big with your limited resources and rank higher on top search engines such as Google, Bing and Yandex. We use industry proven standards and algorithm build your websites, providing you with the most effective search engine optimization.

As part of your small business website design we provide schema rich snippet implementation, and top WordPress security to protect your data and sensitive information.

What we offer?

ecommerce wide
ecommerce wide

°WordPress installation

We provide clean WordPress installation on your chosen domain name, sub-domain or path for your small business website design. We also create dynamic database with proven security to power your whole site.

° WordPress Backup and Migration

We help you backup and migrate your contents to another hosts. WordPress migration is mostly applicable when you have an existing website are are seeking to redesign or transfer your sites to another hosts of you choice. We help you through achieve a seamless migration and integration process to have a spanking  new website without loosing your contents.

°Theme set up and configuration

We provide premium WordPress theme to suit your brand and service area all included in our small business Website Design & Development. As part of our service, we help you with theme setup and configuration to give you the bespoke design of your dreams.

When we carry out small business website design, we ensure you have an attractive header section and footer section. We build your website with top CSS rules for the best user experience. Our design modules ensures your website has a dynamic user interface at the front end to guide users around your website with ease.

° Plugin setup and configuration

Your purchase of the Top Small business Website Design & Development with 5 new premium features comes with plugin setup and configuration. We are a leader in website design and development. Our dedicated developers provide recommendations on the required plugins for your websites. We do not stop there – we setup and we configure.

° Search Engine Optimization

server optimization x
server optimization x

When you choose us to develop your website, we take seriously the visibility of your website in search engine results. While several customers would most likely opt for paid advertisement, we help our customers to optimize their contents for search engine optimization. With our SEO audit and implementation, we take your website to the next level and help you rank higher in organic search.

° Ecommerce solutions using Woocommerce

This website development plan provides you with an option to easily add ecommerce functionality to your website using WooCommerce. This functionality will help you sell products and services and accept online payments using secured payment gateway encrypted on SSL connection.
° WordPress Security

jeinrevo ecommerce medium rectangle
jeinrevo ecommerce medium rectangle

Small Business Website Design

What you will get:

° Landing Page

We design a responsive and impressive landing page where visitors have first impression of your website. Customers can navigate to other sections of your website to see our products, offerings and services. Your landing page can have up to 5 dynamic sections to clearly define your brand and improve your visibility in search results.

° Responsive design

We implement user friendly and responsive design as part of or web design and development strategy. Our dynamic design is targeted at optimizing your website for impressive user experience (UX) within a responsive user interface (UI).

° Optimized for mobiles

When we develop websites for our clients, our most important priority is the optimization of the website to fit in and display correctly on different screens. Our designs are optimized for mobiles even when the vast majority of web users access content using their mobile phones.

° Secured

We design secured websites with the latest security and encryption technologies to protect and safeguard your contents. Using two factor authentication, we ensure your website is secured using two way login. We also provide multi layered security protocol to protect your websites from brute force attacks, DDoS attacks and other attacks that may exploit certain website and plugin vulnerabilities.

We automatically update you on latest login to you website to help you know who had gained access to your website, when and what device was used.

° Database setup

We use improved technology for database setup for your website using secured security system that ensures no one else other than you can access. We also set permission levels that does not create vulnerabilities for attacks on your whole website since your web contents are primarily access via your database system and hence keeping it secured is of immense importance to us. Are you a small business? What not choose the small business Website Design & Development plan now!

° WordPress install

With over a decade experience, our web design and development team ensures seamless installations of every required and necessary website files. We ensure that the installation process is safe at the backend to ensure your contents will be secured once they are uploaded.

° Premium features

We have up to five premium features that comes prebuilt into your small business Website Design & Development plan, so you don’t need to worry about excessive charges.

1) Premium Theme

The first and most important is a premium theme that gives you that bespoke design you have always wanted.

2) Premium SEO

We love your website t be discoverable via organic search and so irrespective of your intentions to advertise your website to increase its reach, we ensure you have premium search engine optimization (SEO) so that your business can have repeat visitors wo never saw your paid advertisements.

3) Premium Security

Our premium state of the art two factor authentication (2FA) and security system ensures the overall protection of your website contents Enjoy bulletproof security at your fingertips and see your website run at blazing fast speeds free of unnecessary vulnerabilities.

4) Premium Website Speed Optimization

We provide you with premium website speed optimization using the latest speed optimization technology. This is in line with our strategy for small business Website design & development. The speed of your website is your most important asset. If your website loads forever, users and sometimes potential customers may abandon your website.

They are most likely to seek solutions elsewhere. In the light of this, we use our decade long experience in website design and development to improve your website speed.

5) Premium Customer Support, Revision and Bug Fixes

Our team of dedicated web developers are always ready to provide you with premium customer support when ever you run into trouble. When we develop your website, we want you to love your new website all the way.

This is why we provide you the opportunity at the premium level to love or hate your website design.  When you do, we could give you a spanking new design in the shortest possible time. It is also possible that you could run into trouble with your website long after we have launched your website. We have a robust plan to revisit your website and carry out bug fixes according to the number of times allowable for your small business Website design plan.

° Advanced Security

As your website begins to grow in scale and popularity, it also becomes discoverable to hackers who may want t frustrate your efforts. We have built an array of advanced security protocols to prepare for the evil day and protect you during dark times. These measures would ensure unimpeded access to your websites both at the frontend and backend. All these is included in your small business Website Design & Development plan.


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